From the Board


Welcome to this new website page!  An informal survey of OUR COMMUNITY last year, indicated that the number one concern was transparency and communication.  The board intends to use this page to keep our community, updated and aware of events within the community.  We will publish important information via the calendar, e-mail, and this page.

Did you know that we have standing committees that need your help?  We are seeking volunteers for the following committees

AGAPE – Louisa Lackey and Betty Jones

  • Solicits, purchases, and coordinates AGAPE contributions and distribution.


ENTERTAINMENT AND FUNCTIONS – Keith Ellis, Paul Beighley, Lee Davis, Robin Heese and Betty Jones

  • Arranges music for Gatherings, 4th Day Speaker and clergy response, and music for Candle Light.
  • Plans the Annual Picnic
  • Ensures that elements for Communion are available at Gatherings.
  • Plans, coordinates, and advertises Candle Lights, Closings, and Sponsor’s Hour (with input from the W/E Lay and Spiritual Directors).


FINANCE – Deborah Lynch

  • Keeps Board and the Community aware of finances and needs.
  • Sets budget targets and recommends amounts and routine expenditures that require Board approval.
  • Coordinates Annual Audit.
  • Provides monthly updates to Board

The Treasurer is member of this committee.

MEDIA – Slip Slippy and John Watson

  • Responsible for all forms of communication
    • generates and coordinates e-mail
    • updates Community Calendar and Website
    • solicits input from the Board and the Community.
  • Provides clarity for the Community in regard to board activities.


NOMINATING – Gene Williams

  • Provides information regarding duties and responsibilities of Board members.
  • Provides Media Committee with messages to Community Soliciting nominations throughout the year as needed (such as unexpected vacancies on the board).
  • Ensures that a slate of nominees is available for approval at the September Board Meeting and that voting takes place at the October Gathering.
  • Updates Board on status


REGISTRATION –Jenn Miller for Teaming, Chuck Lifsey for Pilgrims

  • Processes Pilgrim applications
  • Processes Men’s and Women’s teaming applications
  • Updates board regarding status of applications monthly.


SELECTION – CLD, CSD, John Watson, and Community Members (previous W/E Lay Directors) who do not have a pending application to team.  

  • Selects the Walk Lay Director and the Walk Spiritual Director.
  • Approves the Walk cadre and Walk Teams.
  • Maintains a database of teaming information.


TRAINING – Slip Slippy and Tommy Armstrong

  • Trains/orients Board members
  • Trains presenters for Day of Deeper Understanding (DODU)
  • Trains committee chairs, etc.
  • Supports W/E Lay and W/E Spiritual Directors with teaming as necessary