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Southside Emmaus is a large community in Virginia that includes members in Richmond, Sussex, Powhatan, Cumberland, Buckingham, Appomattox, Amelia, Prince Edward County, Charlotte County, Nottoway, Lunenburg, Halifax, Mecklenburg,up through Lynchburg, down through Danville, and even into North Carolina.

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Last Updated: March 4, 2023

My Dear Brothers and Sisters;

What a fantastic start to the New Year? The last two gatherings have been unbelievable. Monumental hosted 40 people and Farmville United Methodist hosted 70! To look out on all those smiling faces was a joy I cannot explain. I feel that God is moving in our Community and good things are headed our way.

The Spring Walks are getting ready to begin their Team meetings and I can tell you, the excitement from the Lay Directors, Slip Slippy and Deborah Lynch is contagious. The Fall Lay Directors have also been chosen, Jason Meeks for the Men’s Fall Walk and Suzanne Metts for the Womens. They will be joining in the excitement by observing on the Spring Walks. This year looks to be headed in the right direction. As a Community, we can support them by sponsoring Pilgrims. Please prayerfully consider sponsoring someone this year. There is someone out there just waiting on an invitation and you may be the person they are waiting for. I know that the cost has gone up for the first time in years, but there are individuals in our community willing to be financial sponsors. We just need to ask.

The mission of Southside Emmaus is to bring people to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Remember your Walk? Let us all share this experience with as many people as possible.

With Love to all,
Kim McCall
SSE Community Lay Director for 2023

Teaming Applications for the Spring Walks are now being accepted and can be found under the FORMS TAB.