Good Afternoon Southside Emmaus Family;
I am sending this out as a plea to our Community. Southside covers a large area and has thousands of members. Unfortunately, over the last several years, participation has begun to dwindle. We had a couple of years that no Walks or Gatherings were held due to Covid, but all of that is in the past. At the last Gathering we had an estimate of 30 people and that is about the running average. My biggest concern at this point are the Walks. We did not have a Men’s Spring Walk because there were not enough Pilgrims. For the Fall Walk’s, as of Monday, Darlene has confirmed 8 men and 4 women. In order to have the Walks, a minimum of 16 Pilgrims are needed. If these Walks do not happen, Southside Emmaus will come under the scrutiny of the Upper Room who could shut us down. As a Community we should not let this happen. The Walks have changed people lives, each of our lives, and we have made lifelong friends. We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, so now is the time to be reaching out to others. The cut off date for pilgrims for the Men’s Walk is 9/14 and the Women’s Walk is 9/28. These dates are rapidly approaching and I know that there are members working hard to bring in Pilgrims. This is a once in a lifetime experience. Think back and remember what your walk meant to you! If you have a Pilgrim and you need financial help, reach out to any member of the board, or contact me personally ( There are people willing to help with that part of the walk. Your Community needs you. Please take a moment, pray, seek his guidance. Be his hands and feet,
Kim McCall, #100 Amazing Grace
SSE Community Lay Director


Teaming and Pilgrim Applications for the Walks are now being accepted and can be found under the FORMS TAB.