Board Member Information

As of January 17, 2021
We intentionally do not publish emails and telephone numbers in order to avoid spammers harvesting that information. If you need to reach a Board member and do not have the contact info, please use the “Contact Us” page and someone will get back to you.

Name Position Term Expires
At The End Of
John Watson Community Lay Director 2021
George Carter, Jr. Asst. Community Lay Director 2023
Kim McCall Secretary 2023
Ken Davis Treasurer 2023
Louisa Lackey Agape Chair 2021
Jenn Miller Entertainment & Function Chair 2021
Tony Huddleston Registration Chair 2022
Michele Drinkard Member at Large 2022
Rev. Paul Beighley Community Spiritual Director N/A
Jason Kincaid Training Chair 2023
Rev. Brian Mallary Clergy – Media Chair 2023
Keith Ellis Past Community Lay Director 2021
Rev. Lee Davis Clergy – Member at Large 2021
Robin Heese Member at Large 2021
Sadie Hawthorne Member at Large 2022
Open Clergy 2022

Committee Information

Name Function Members
Agape Solicits, purchases, and coordinates agape contributions and distribution Louisa Lackey
Entertainment & Function For Gatherings, arranges for music, 4th Day Speaker, Clergy response & communion elements
For Candlelight, arranges music
Plans annual picnic
Plans, coordinates, and advertises Candlelight, Closings & Sponsor’s Hour
Jenn Miller (Chair)
Tony Huddleston
Paul Beighley
Robin Heese
Finance Keeps Board and Community aware of finances and needs
Sets budget targets and recommends amounts and routine expenses that require Board approval
Coordinates Annual Audit
Ken Davis (Chair)
Jason Kincaid
John Watson
Media Responsible for all forms of communication; generates and coordinates email.
Updates Community Calendar and Website
Solicits input from the Board and Community
John Watson (Chair)
Lee Davis
Nominating Provides Media Committee with messages to the Community soliciting nominations throughout the year as needed
Interviews candidates and explains Board duties to them prior to placing them on the ballot
Conducts annual Board elections
Brian Mallary (Chair)
Keith Ellis
Registration Processes Pilgrim applications
Processes Team applications
Tony Huddleston (Registrar)
Jenn Miller (Teamers)
Kim McCall (Pilgrims)
Walk Lay Directors
Selection Selects Walk Lay Directors and Walk Spiritual Directors
Approves Walk Cadre
Approves Walk Teams
Maintains database
Paul Beighley (Co-Chair)
John Watson (Co-Chair)
Training Orients and trains incoming Board members
Trains Committee Chairs
Conducts Day of Deeper Understanding
Coordinates with Upper Room for external training
Jason Kincaid (Chair)
Sadie Hawthorne
Paul Beighley