Prayer List

As Of February 28, 2021

Jesse Flack Jesse was electrocuted while restoring power as a lineman. As a result of his survival, he believes God has a mission for him. Pray for clarity and perseverance. 2/238/2021
Poarch Family The parents were involved in a car wreck in which the wife was killed and the husband is in the hospital on a ventilator. Pray for the surviving children. 2/238/2021
Bryant Family Loss of their daughter. 2/238/2021
Christian Brothers and Sisters Encouragement and strength in these trying times. 2/238/2021
Cody Was in a car wreck and is in the hospital at VCU 2/238/2021
Joyce Redford She had COVID and was in the hospital. She was sent home a few weeks ago, and was doing better. But on the 22nd she had to go back to the hospital, she now has COVID again and has blood clots in her lungs. Joyce has COPD, that is a big problem. 2/23/2021
Jim Polhman Admitted to to ICU at South Hill and will be put in hospice care. He has a very serious Lung condition. 2/13/2021
The family of Amber Dawson Weyant Amber died very unexpectedly Saturday (1/23) night. She is the niece of Nancy King’s daughter in law 1/24/2021
Desiree Newbill & Family
& Angel View Baptist Church
Sudden Death of Pastor Lewis Newbill 1/18/2021